Game Play Features


You solve tasks to progress in the game, like connecting a lamp to the generator, opening a locked car trunk, and figuring out which key to select for a hotel room.


The puzzles are all logical and solvable by understanding the game universe. The idea is to allow you to interact with the game world and thereby change it. Some puzzle changes might be altering the game world quite radically.


Conversation is at the center of Dust. Each dialog will provide new information about characters, places, and plot, but it will also be an intriguing experience in itself.


The dialogs will be a way to learn about the strange lives of the townsfolk, and the demonic presence that has infested the town. The townsfolk will all have strange tales to tell and personalities somewhat out of the ordinary. Your actions and dialog decisions might alter the personality of one or more of the characters, thereby changing the story and the outcome of the game.


The world is divided into two realities, one in the present and one in the past. In order not to spoil too much, lets just say that the gun that Frank carries is the key to entering one of the two realities, and it is a good thing that the key is a gun.



When Frank enters Industry for the first time he will be looking to settle the estate of his father. This will soon change to a more sinister murder-mystery, and then later take on a greater and demonic hue.


As part of the dialogs you will be able to gather knowledge directly from the game world by interacting with it. This will provide new dialog options, as you gradually learn more about people, places, and events.